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Ferrara Mongolfiere

Ferrara Mongolfiere is the portal of promotion and touristic valorization of the Italian territory, of its landscape beauties, of its wonderful food and all about what is possible to do during the travel to Italy with a particular focus on Emilia Romagna.

Emilia Romagna is one of the most well-known areas in Italy for its gastronomic, cultural and environmental heritage, and right now we’ll make you a list of the reasons to make you come and have a hot air balloon ride in our region:

It’s easily approachable from Verona, town of Romeo and Juliet or from Venice known as the eighth wonder of the World. Emilia Romagna is the region of production of Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma Ham, of the balsamic vinegar from Modena and of the Piadina Romagnola (flat bread) from Rimini. Above all these cities is possible to have amazing and wonderful hot air ballooning with a various local food and wine tastings.

Other excellencies of Emilia Romagna are the Ferrari made in Maranello, the Lamborghini made in a little city near Bologna (Sant’ Agata Bolognese), and last but not least the most ancient University established in Bologna where Petrarch, Copernicus, Erasmus of Rotterdam and other celebrities graduated.

However, we won’t forget to talk about our Fabulous city, the town of Ferrara. Besides being a magnificent renaissance town, where we can find the sumptuous Estense Castle, the legendary Palazzo dei Diamanti (Diamonds Palace). Ferrara is even home of Girolamo Savonarola, Ludovico Ariosto, and in modern times, home of the special effect artist Carlo Rambaldi famous for “Alien”, and “E.T”. As well, Ferrara for several years is the headquarters of the biggest hot air balloons festival in Italy, that is indeed Ferrara Balloons Festival.

Trough this portal you’ll find all the information in order to visit those beautiful cities of  Emilia Romagna, also on a hot air balloon ride.

Ballooning means to travel on an authentic vehicle of great emotions, able  to make you appreciate the national beauties in an suggestive and unusual way. High in the sky, on the sky giants, Italy becomes an incredible exotic backdrop which will beautify your jour holiday and makes it unforgettable.

Thus, by using hot air balloons, you can give endless emotions, happiness and take pictures of the landscape beauties which Italy offer, getting wonderful postcards as a keepsake of an extraordinary holiday.

In this portal you’ll find all the information necessary to book your hot air ballooning and all that makes a hot air balloon an extraordinary tourist, advertising, promotional and a valorization vehicle of this marvelous area.

The idea comes from the exigence to introduce and publicize an amazing, original, and uncommon sportive activity such as hot air ballooning and aerostatic sports activities.

Indeed, the aerostatic world, is still limited and composed by few enthusiasts, around 30 pilots in Italy, this reason makes it yet an unknown and niche activity.

It’s precisely this passion which feed the birth of frank and voluntary gatherings of pilots who love to get together to share the phenomenal emotion that only a hot air balloon ride can give.

However, the massive power of attraction exhibited by those huge hot air balloons, transformed the voluntary gatherings in real touristic events drawing the attention from the public and from the medias.

The hot air balloon surely have always constituted an element able to strike the collective imagination and the fantasy of young and old with its incredible scenographic  power which evokes in us the great adventure novels. At the same time this guarantee an extraordinary and emotional performance that with its colors and dimension is able to amaze and move the public of young and old.  The rareness with which is possible to admire this surprising flying machine, led to the big curiosity caused by it, make these events very followed generating a big tourism and economic spin-off.

Hot Air Balloon, indeed, uses the natural conformation of streets, squares, and city parks, in order to create a scenic and creative space and offering an unusual and very special point of view: A bird’s eye vision.

This, enable who is flying to admire the elements and the characteristics of the territory, hardly appreciable in everyday situations. Unusual perspectives and views seen from above, allow to rediscover the beauties of the territory, making happy an uncommon picture etched on the memory of each spectator. The common places, seem to reborn and dress-up joyfully  in a strange and fascinating way of touristic and spectacular valorization.

Furthermore the safety and eco-sustainability of the hot air balloons, make these events extremely current, even if based on the charm of “old-timey vehicles”.

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